Hattie Carnegie

carnegie.jpgIn 1900, Hattie Carnegie immigrated to the United States and settled with her family in New York City . By the time she was a young teenager, Hattie was already working. She worked at various millinery establishments and at Macy’s. But in 1909 she, along with friend Rose Roth, opened a tiny hat shop. It was called “Carnegie – Ladies’ Hatter.” They also sold dresses that were made by Rose as Hattie could not sew. Hattie made the hats. The shop was a success and four years later they moved to a larger place and were able to incorporate as a business. Over the span of the next 40 years, their operation was so large that it employed over 1,000 workers. She also began selling her ready-to-wear dresses, hats and accessories in stores around the country in the late '30s. Her clothes were particularly popular in California and many Hollywood stars were known to wear them. This helped spread her reputation and establish her as a taste-maker across the country.