Vintage 30’s “J H McIntyre & Co” Men’s Bibbed Shirt

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Vintage 30’s “J H McIntyre & Co” Men’s Bibbed Shirt

This piece is an excellent piece of men’s wear which has magically maintained till today is spectacular condition!  This cotton button back bib front shirt was intended to be worn with an attached high collar and suspenders.  Traditionally, this shirt would have been worn formally.  The original tag showing it was a custom made shirt from the Chicago based J.H. McIntyre clothing company is still in wonderful shape and secured to the back neck of the shirt alongside what appears to be the original owner’s embroidered initials “J.K.”  The condition is excellent with no stains or discoloration and only a small blemish on the upper right side of the bib (please see photos).  The bib has holes for tuxedo buttons and French cuffs.  For historical productions of the era with men in formal dress, this piece is a definite must, however the style and construction make this an easy piece for relaxed modern wear either in a woman’s or a man’s wardrobe.  Remove the pant button tab at the front, roll up the sleeves, and pair it with skinny jeans and heels for a woman’s modern take on it.


Neck- 16”

Chest- 48”

Length- 34” (shoulder to hem)

Sleeve- 25