Vintage 50’s Reversible Brocade/Vinyl Handbag

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This fabulous bag is in great shape and a wonderful example of mid-century innovation and mastery of both form and function.  The bag is a larger bag with ample inside space lined in black.  The inside contains a hidden pocket closed with the original metal zipper.  The beauty of this purse is you are getting three purses for the price of one!  The outside detaches and reveals a black vinyl side which can be used as the outside for a more versatile and casual look.  The base of the purse can also be used all by itself without the outer shell for a third and more modest look.  The bag is adorned with a Lucite handle.  The brocade velvet side of the outer shell is in excellent condition with no apparent stains or damages to the fabric.  The vinyl side does have some slight scuffing and a white scuff along the bottom.  The inner base material of the bag is in good condition with no apparent stains.  What a find and what a unique piece of vintage history!


Width- 12”

Height- 9”

Depth- 4”

Handle- 12”