Vintage 60’s “Emilio Pucci” terry-cloth beach dress

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Vintage 60’s “Emilio Pucci” terry-cloth beach dress

Emilio Pucci is a designer whose bold patterns and exciting use of color define his style throughout the years from the early 1950’s to his death in the early 1990’s.  His clothing has graced the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackie O and was and remains one of the most sought after names in the fashion industry.  Though still a major player in the modern fashion world, the Pucci pieces designed by the man himself are by far more collectible and sought after.  Owning a piece of original Emilio Pucci designed vintage is like owning a piece of museum art.    


This piece is especially unique as it is a beach wear specific terry cloth dress made in during his mid 60’s collections.  The pattern has managed to maintain its vibrant colors even after 50 years.  The thick straps and panel front make this a more modest bathing suit cover-up while the body hugging back maintains a sexy silhouette.  The dress is unlined blue mod print terry cloth perfect for keeping you dry after a mid- summer soak. Sz 2-4


Chest- 37”

Waist- 28”

Hips- 37”

Length- 34”

Straps- 1.75”