Vintage 80’s “Summer by Nervesa” Grey Linen Summer Jacket

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Enjoy a breezy and stylish summer this year in this beautiful linen jacket.  The tailoring gives it a rich and flattering appeal while the light linen adds a more relaxed summertime feel.  The jacket is fitted with two large front pockets and a chest pocket for easy storage and is set off by a lovely 3.5” long line lapel.  The jacket is only partially lined with the main linen material for ultimate comfort on those hot summer nights.  There is some slightly off texture at the shoulders due to what appears to be age in the interfacing fusing however the overall relaxed fit and linen texture of the jacket keeps this from detracting from the piece. Sz 44





Length-30.5” (nape to hem)

Sleeve-16.5” (inseam)