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Bridgerton/Regency Costumes

Costume Rental

Call for inquiries (407) 599-7225

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$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

We have your full head to toe look for your next Bridgerton tea!


Costume rentals are based on a 3-day minimum. Cleaning is built into the price of the costume to which we handle. Additional days are 1/3 of the 3-day rental price.


These are just a few images of costume rentals we have available.

We carry Mens & Womens Costumes in this category

Dresses we have available for rental range between Size 00-24

Mens costumes are up to a 44" Jacket size

We also carry vintage hats, gloves, jewelry, feather fans, canes, ascots, parasols and more!


Dresses $75-120 / 3-days ($25-40/day)

Vintage Jewelry $12-45 / 3-days ($4-15/day)

Vintage/Costume Gloves $15-45 *Purchase Only*

Hats/Headpieces $30-45 / 3-days ($10-15/day)

Vintage Purses $15-30 / 3-days ($5-10/day)

Feather Fans $15 / 3-days ($5/day)

Parasols $30 / 3-days ($10/day)

Top Hats $30 / 3-days ($10/day)

Tailcoats $45 / 3-days ($15/day)

Vest $30 / 3-days ($10/day)

Formal Shirts & Pants $27 / 3-days ($9/day)

Riding Boots $30 / 3-days ($10/day)

Ascots/Neck Ties $9-12 / 3-days ($3-4/day)

Canes $30 / 3-days ($10/day)

Costume Monicoles $9 *Purchase Only*


Get ready with us at Orlando Vintage for your next Bridgerton Experience!