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$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Costume rentals are based on a 3-day minimum. Cleaning is built into the price of the costume to which we handle. Additional days are 1/3 of the 3-day rental price.


These are just a few images of costume rentals we have available.

We carry Men's & Women's Costumes in this category

Costumes are usually 1 of 1 and we do not have multiple sizes in each character


Saint Patrick's Day - Leprechaun $75 / 3-days ($25/day)

*Includes Tailcoat, Shirt, Knickers, Top Hat, Bow Tie

Easter Bunnies $150 / 3-days ($50/day)

*Includes Hard Head, Body Suit, Hands & Feet

4th of July - Uncle Sam & The Statue of Liberty $66 / 3-days ($22/day)

Thanksgiving - Indian, Pilgrim, and Turkey Mascot

Christmas - Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Caroler, Reindeer Mascot, Snowman Mascot, Penguin Mascot

  • Florida Santa $66 / 3-days ($22/day) 

          * Includes Shorts Suit & Hat

  • Regular Santa $120 / 3-days ($40/day) 

          * Includes Plush Suit, Hat, Belt, Boot Covers

  • Premium Santa $150 / 3-days ($50/day)

          * Includes Velvet Suit, Hat, Belt, Santa Boots

 **Santa Wig/Beard Set, Glasses, & Gloves available for purchase only**